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With Diego Juarez Welding Fabrication, you can expect to receive dependable welding services from reliable contractors, and those are not just empty promises on our end! That’s the truth! We’ve trained for a long time and have perfected all our methods, so when we promise excellence and quality for our work – we mean it 101%! With our help, your property in the Phelan, CA area and its surrounding counties have the perfect structural construction – steady, dependable, and of high quality!


Our Services

Welding Services

Welding Services

Stainless steel welding is no joke! It’s a serious job that should always be handled with professionalism, an organized process, and by dedicated contractors. Don’t hesitate to hire such contractors and get the proper work down for your property!

Residential Structure Welding

Residential Structure Welding

People know they need stability when building their homes. That stability comes from the beginning. It’s not possible without everything being perfectly fused and made sturdy. Our contracts want to offer exceptional services for your future home!

Commercial Structure Welding

Commercial Structure Welding

Commercial structures get built every day, and that’s nothing new – people need professionals to perfect every detail, and we’re here to offer our services! Let us be the professionals you need so that you can have the perfect business-oriented structure!

Mobile Welding Services

Mobile Welding Services

We’ve been noticing a tendency among customers for a long time – they enjoy any service that comes straight to them. People don’t like to make extra steps to get what they want. That’s why our mobile welding service is perfect – we come to you – prepared!

Precision is Essential 

Certain projects may not need too much precision to be executed perfectly, but fusing pieces of metal is not one of those jobs. You can’t sit in front of your computer, watch a few videos and call yourself a skilled professional. You need plenty of years to experience, become perfect, and hone your precision to a T. It’s not a day’s work to learn this tough job. And you don’t need to be the one learning it anyway – there are people for that. It’s not like sharpening a pencil or gluing something together – it takes more effort, but that effort doesn’t need to come from you. Have the perfect results you want, do none of the work, and be comfortable knowing you’ve hired the perfect welder for the project!

Skills Are More Than Necessary 

When it comes to being able to weld something – skills are more than necessary – they’re essential! This is not the kind of work one can take on without plenty of skills, honed knowledge of the proper techniques, and experience. It’s the type of work that needs to be handled by professionals if you want excellence. Those professionals work for our company. We have competitive training and plenty of hours dedicated to learning everything we need to know to make our customers proud. It’s a dangerous job, and if we didn’t know what we were doing at our core, we wouldn’t be so confident in offering our services. We know for a fact that we won’t let anyone down – it’s within us to do a brilliant job, and we want to show that we can do it! 

More Areas We Serve

We’re here to serve more areas and are excited about it. But even more so – we want people to marvel at the results we’ll offer using our precision, diligence, persistence to the task at hand, and dedication to every customer and project! We’re the type of contractors who can’t stand in one place and be all right with that. We need to be fluent and offer our excellence to more people – that’s what puts a smile on all our faces! 

  • Oak Hills, CA
  • Muscoy, CA
  • Lake Los Angeles, CA
  • Crestline, CA
  • Spring Valley Lake, CA

Call Diego Juarez Welding Fabrication for our professional welding service in the Phelan, CA area! We even serve more than one area because we want people to sit back and leave specific more challenging jobs to skilled experts – us! Just because you haven’t trained how to weld, and it’s not among your areas of expertise, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the projects you need to be done with quality and excellence. That’s why we’re here, ready to display all our skills and experience in the industry – let us be the welders you need for your big project! 

Diego Juarez Welding Fabrication

Phelan, CA 92371

(442) 210-3539

Services List

  • Welding Services
  • Residential Structure Welding
  • Commercial Structure Welding
  • Mobile Welding Services

Client Testimonials

by James L. Lawrence on Diego Juarez Welding Fabrication
Perfect Stainless Steel Welding!

Stainless steel welding is difficult work, and I didn't have the skills for it - that was for sure. But the guys I hired put me completely at ease. I knew they could handle any job, and they would provide exceptional quality every step of the way. It was easy working with them, and they provided the dependability I needed!

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